Although I am a scientist  ( PhD Chemist) with an established career in research and teaching, I have always had an interest and desire in art, and in particular drawing and painting. I have worked with all sort of media (oil, watercolor, tempera, pastels, acrylics, collage, char coal, pencils, computer graphic design) and I have dealt with a variety of themes (landscapes, still life, portraits, sketches e.t.c). However, I most enjoy drawing people and portraits of imaginary or real faces and I view my work as human-centered. I think through my art, I try to approach and better understand the human nature and to capture the internal beauty of the human kind. I also enjoy writing poetry or playing music (guitar and keyboard). Recently, I founf fun by tranferring my drawings in a digital program (SketchbookA and photoshop) for coloring and further manipulations. Joining this group, I hope I will be able to show my work and meet other artists with similar interests.